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How To Apply Window Decals & Graphics Yourself

Published On:

February 18, 2021

How To Apply Window Stickers/Decals Without Bubbles Or Wrinkles

Window Graphics is a term often referred to for anything that sticks to a window. These could be posters, static cling, decal lettering.

This article will help you apply any of these without wrinkles and without bubbles. Window graphics really are an inexpensive way to promote your brand or services. Window vinyls can be applied to the outside of your window...just like a normal sticker, or inside but with the adhesive on the printed side in order for the sticker to be applied inside the window but viewed from the outside.

Whilst the production of both types may differ slightly...the installation process remains the same.

1. Clean the window

To ensure you get the best results give the windows a good clean with a glass cleaner. This will remove any dirt, grease or debris from the surface.
Check the cleaner ingredients to ensure it isn't ammonia based as bubbles can form under your graphics afterwards.

2. Make your own application liquid

We always advise applying your stickers/vinyls wet but not using just water. Using a large spray bottle, add a drop or two of washing up liquid to around 700ml-1000ml of water.

It's this solution that will ensure the sticker doesn't stick upon contact with the glass.

3. Position the window vinyl

Now you're confident that the window is free from any dirt and is clean...position the graphic in place and tape the top corners with masking tape. Take a few steps backwards to check the position. Use a tape measure if needed and adjust accordingly.

Okay so you're happy with the position? Apply a strip of masking tape along the top of the graphic holding it in place.

4. Remove the backing liner paper

Using one hand pull the graphic away from the window at the bottom, ensuring that it is still held in place at the top. Peel the backing liner off from the top slowly to the bottom whilst still holding the graphic away from the window.

5. Apply From the Top Down

Whilst the vinyl is still being held away from the window and the backing sheet has been removed...spray your soapy liquid onto the window and also onto the back of the sticker (where the adhesive is). Gently allow the graphic to sit on the window onto the soapy liquid.

6. Squeegee the air and bubbles out of the vinyl

Using your squeegee tool (or a credit card with some fabric over the edge), start from the centre of the sticker and move to the edge. Don't be afraid to apply a little pressure here. Repeat this process a few times until you're confident there are no bubbles left behind the sticker.

With a clean and dry rag gently wipe away excess fluid and remove the masking tape at the top. Stand back again and admire your amazing work!

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